Cleveland: Soon to be Hot in China!

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9-11-01: Remembered at Cleveland’s Old Stone Church

What an honor to play Shoulder to Shoulder with the Old Stone Church choir/chamber orchestra on 9-11-11, the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the United States of America.I pray that we may continue to stand shoulder to shoulder in the days ahead. God bless America! (PS: That’s my daughter, Daryl, from Atlanta playing cello!). See video Continue reading

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September 11, 2011: A Day to Remember

Like most Americans, I was overwhelmed with grief in the aftermath of the 9-11 terrorist attacks on the United States. I wrote and recorded a song called Shoulder to Shoulder in an attempt to bring some comfort. You can imagine how honored I was to receive a letter of thanks from NYC Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and a Presidential Citation from President George W. Bush for the song. Mostly, I was happy to raise a little money for the American Red Cross and Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, and to know that in some small way my song was able to bring a little hope to people who were hurting. (See Video) Continue reading

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Cleveland City Living Winner is Hot in Cleveland!

Cleveland Face Lift from Dee Jay Doc, 2011 Winner of the Cleveland City Living Award.

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Tech Jobs Hot in #1 Cleveland

More Great news for Cleveland! According to a recent Bloomberg Businessweek, Cleveland is Number One when it comes to cities with the biggest growth in high tech jobs. One more great reason to call Cleveland home!

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John Q’s: Cleveland’s Answer to ‘Cheers’ and More!

Winner of the Open Table “Diner’s Choice” Award is Hot in Cleveland.

Cleveland's Answer to 'Cheers' and More!

Cleveland's Answer to 'Cheers' and More!

At John Q’s on Public Square everyone may not ‘know your name’ as the old Cheers song goes, but the proprietor, Rick Cassara, will always get it right. He’ll even greet you at the door or drop by your table to say thanks for dropping-in.

Bump into an old friend or make a new one at John Q’s Steakhouse, winner of the 2011 Open Table “Diner’s Choice” Award, in downtown Cleveland. This is where both downtown residents and Cleveland’s movers and shakers meet, where out of town conventioneers or evening game-goers gather for some of the best steaks and fish anywhere. Continue reading

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July 4th: We’re You Hot in Cleveland?

Our daughter flew in from Atlanta. We topped off the day by watching Cleveland’s great fireworks show from the rooftop of our Public Square Condo.

How did you celebrate Independence Day?

Cleveland's Fireworks as seen from Public Square

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The Way of Freedom: At Risk in America

One Nation Under China?

Statue of Liberty

Liberty: At Risk in America

Freedom is dear to us in America: Our constitution guarantees it. Our laws protect it. Our soldiers die defending it.

This Monday, July 4th, we will rightfully celebrate our liberty from Mother England and our freedom, among other things, to self-govern, peaceably assemble, establish our religion free from the tyranny of monarchies or oppressive governments, speak freely in the press and even challenge our government when it fails to represent the people who created it. Let us not take these freedoms lightly: they are precious and worth dying in order to defend.

Too often, though, we think of freedom simply as a commodity to be acquired or purchased – the freedom of a new boat that gets us out on the water, or an early retirement which frees us up to do all the things we’ve longed to do for years but lacked the time, the freedom. But freedom, while certainly worth defending, is hardly a commodity at all.

Freedom is our way of life; it is the path we travel, the road we take. Freedom is the choices we make about who we serve and who we do not serve. Who we allow to have claim on our lives and who we don’t. Bob Dylan once sang, “It may be the devil or it may be the Lord” but we still have to “serve somebody.” As a person of faith, I believe we are most free when we live our lives in the unconditional grace of God; when we serve God first.

Right now our freedom is in jeopardy. We are not serving God first. Instead, unwittingly or wittingly, we serve lesser gods because we are beholding to our debts – both as a nation and as individuals. We live in a nation, the United States of America, which is increasingly owned by absentee landlords in China and other nations abroad who do not always share our faith, values or sense of urgency when it comes to defending freedom.

How can we maintain our liberty in America when we are spending more than we generate and borrow more foreign dollars than we have the ability to repay? How can we protect our liberty here in America when foreign governments have such a high stake in our economy, and an ability to control our national outcomes? I worry that we will surrender our freedom as collateral on debts owed to foreign investors.

As much as the weight of uncontrolled debt presses down on us as individuals and families, our national debt and continued reliance of government spending crushes us as a people. We do not serve God or live in God’s freedom, rather we live bound by the chains of hopelessness, worry and discouragement that comes when serving foreign masters.

This Independence Day, as we fast approach our debt ceiling, I challenge our leaders to come together and resolve our national debt crisis. It’s not just the soldier who we count on to make sacrifices in the name of freedom, but our politicians we have elected to protect our liberty. I ask our leaders – right, left and all between, to sacrifice political ideologies and stubborn partisanships to defend our clearest, shared value – freedom.

This July 4th, let us create a personal and national resolve to defend our liberty from the tyranny of our own government spending and borrowing, and our own dependence on our governments for tax breaks and incentives, buyouts and bailouts. Freedom is our way life; and, right now, it’s counting on us all.


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Date Night in the District is Hot in Downtown Cleveland!

Friendly server at D'Vine Wine Bar on St. Clair West

Upscale Dining in Downtown’s Original District. Its been said “The best restaurants in Chicago are in Cleveland!” And many of those restaurants are located in Downtown Cleveland’s Historic Warehouse District. Here you’ll find a dynamic smorgasbord of world class dining establishments – sea food, steakhouses, sushi, Brazilian, Italian and Middle Eastern – all located in one of Cleveland’s hottest neighborhoods.

The Historic Warehouse District – a friendly and walkable Downtown neighborhood, and its local restaurants have partnered together to create a unique summer long event called Date Night in the District which allows patrons to explore these excellent restaurants at easy-on-the-wallet prices. Its a great opportunity for Downtowners and suburbanites alike to experience some of the finest dining in Cleveland . . . or even Chicago.

For details check out Date Night in the District.

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DCRA Launch Party Photos

Downtown Cleveland Residents Association Launched with a Party June 17, 2011. Enjoy!


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