Snow Days in Cleveland = Slow Days at Home

Snow Days in Cleveland = Slow Days at Home

It seems odd that the first blog for a site called “Hot” in Cleveland should be about the ice and snow, but the weather is what has been affecting us the most in Cleveland today. The slippery highways and slick roadways, the plummeting temperatures, the icy blasts of wind that can peel the skin off your cheeks – these are the things we hold in common, these are the thoughts which dominate our conversation today.

In fact, today is the first snow day of the season for the grown-ups in my office, and it is the reason I had slow-time to set up my big foray into the blogosphere. I’ve spent the better part of the day huddled by the fireplace, the laptop on my knees offering extra warmth. I must admit, even though I grumble most of my way through the winter months, today I am reminded that snow days are one of the great perks to living in the north.

There is something quite magical about a snow day. We feel like we are getting a pass or a “get out of jail free” card. It’s like playing hooky without the worry of consequence. Or a sick day without being sick.

Everyone is quite forgiving on a snow day. Motorists drive a little more slowly and blast their horns a little less often. Friends and even business acquaintances understand when we call to cancel a dinner or a meeting.

Snow days present us with the rare experience of having a full day, absolutely wide open, and yet not having a single activity planned. For those of us who live downtown in apartments or condos, there isn’t even shoveling to be done. Nothing much at all, except to look out at the beauty of it all. From my window the city looks like a perfect, life-sized snow globe. Quiet. Still. Certainly not absent of cars or buses or the people who ride in them. But truly peaceful.

Psalm 46:10 says “Be still and know that I am God.” There is something to be said for these surprise winter Sabbaths which force us to be still, to surrender the anxieties of the pre-planned life, or the stress of the hurried and frenetic American pace and remember that we have identities far bigger than the ones imposed by our work or school or even our shopping purchases.

So I say thank you God for lake effect snow, freezing rain and blinding blasts of wind which keep me under my blanket, sipping tea and visiting with my true love. Maybe we will pop some popcorn and watch a DVD tonight.






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2 Responses to Snow Days in Cleveland = Slow Days at Home

  1. LISA LOHR says:

    It will be sad when their ratings drop because Viacom is greedy. DirectTV has a very LARGE number of viewers that can no longer watch, including me!!!

  2. aofjeoje afjoiejo says:

    Please kill off the Victoria Chase character, why should Betty White deal with such an annoying person after this many years, don’t ruin a good show.

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